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Book of the Dead Scarab Necklace

October 10, 2011

Book of the Dead Scarab Necklace

Now that I’ve been beading for about 4 years, I’m at a phase where I expect everything to be perfect. I also have trouble coming up with (or finding) projects that are challenging, yet not exasperating. This is one of those projects I picked out, redid, and just plain trashed a million times. Which is kind of funny, because in the end what I settled on doing was not that complicated. Maybe that’s why it works. It lays nicely, it’s a bit flashy, and it’s very Egyptian.

This is a companion piece to my previous project. I think a scarab is very appropriate for a necklace, because in Ancient Egypt, one would be placed over the heart before the mummy was wrapped.  Green scarabs symbolize regeneration, which I really need right now.

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