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Ariel Bracelet

June 5, 2011

Ariel Bracelet

I was immediately drawn to the vintage acrylic cabs used in this bracelet. They are gold foiled on the round side, clear purple/indigo on the flat size. As a result, they are slightly unusual and the streaky effect of the acrylic gives the colour mystery and depth, as in a witch’s caldroun. I’ve paired the larger vintage cabs with blue goldstone capsule beads. Blue goldstone is a glittering glass, which is often mistaken for stone. There are rumours that blue goldstone was originally created by medieval alchemists, and it is still believed to carry magical properties today. The magical appearance these materials, contrasted with the playfulness of the lavender seed beads, inspired me to name this piece after Ariel, a mischievous fairy from the Tempest.

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