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Gabrielle Gothic Collar Necklace

October 17, 2010

Gabrielle Gothic Collar Necklace

Because I am almost exclusively focused on beadweaving — and my patience for wirework and the like is so lacking —  it is very rare for me to even consider using metal findings. When I purchased this square piece of filigree at my local bead shop, I immediately knew I wanted to attach a beaded cabochon to it. I antiqued the filigree with black paint and choise a round black cab, which I salvaged from a piece of thrift shop costume jewellery. I beaded a curved collar using right angle weave and netting, attaching the filigree to the centre.

I was inspired to create a gothic style piece of jewellery after reading Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. I absolutely love these books and am addicted to reading about the exploits of the Vampire Lestat and his supernatural brethren. Anne Rice has a true gift for richly describing the past. I created this piece after imagining the cold but beautiful Gabrielle de Lioncourt haunting the 18th century Paris streets.

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