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Victoria Faux Opal Bracelet and Ring

September 2, 2010

Victoria Faux Opal  Ring
Victoria Faux Opal Bracelet

After making the Ernestina Faux Opal Bracelet, I happened upon some faux opal stones in my favorite Vancouver store, Dressew. I’m fairly certain from the slight wear on the foil backs that these little rhinestones are vintage –Dressew seems to get its stock from a timemachine.

The rectangular rhinestones are petite, at about 10mm x 12mm. I took it as a challenge to capture each one in beadweaving. The first attempt took 2 or 3 hours of trial and error. Using a mix of sizes and netting and right angle weave, I managed to produce something with the right antique look, and something that fit snuggly enough to keep the rhinestone in place.

I’ve named this set, of course, after Queen Victoria. Victoria owned many opals, and did much to repopularize opal jewelry in England.

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