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Nanogene Pearl Bracelet

January 1, 2010

Nanogene Pearl Bracelet

After going a bit crazy with colour and glitter with my last creation, I thought I’d create some sparkle in a more ethereal way. This bracelet is monochromatic, using different tones of lavender: transparent Alexandrite seed beads, crystal silver lined seed beads, 10 mm lavender pearls and 4mm Tanzanite Swarovski bicones.

I reused my technique from the Bohemian Girl necklace, this time working around pearls instead of cabs. I threw in a small number of silver lined beads to create some glimmer. I used netting to embellish the other pearls with crystals. The whole thing was assembled with links made out of seed beads.

I asked my sister to name the bracelet, and she came up with the very intriguing name “Nanogene.” Featured on the sci-fi show Dr. Who, Nanogenes are subatomic robots with healing powers. Nanogenes float in the air and appear as tiny glowing orbs. I think that’s an amazing and lovely way to describe this piece.

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