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Hatshepsut’s Sheild Brick Stitch Pendant and Cool Blue Nile Spiral Rope Necklace

October 11, 2009

My design process is never very straightforward. It’s even less straightforward when I have a cold, as I have for a few days now. I actually can’t remember why I started to make the spiral rope for this project, but I can tell you I worked for hours on something only to tear it apart. I loved the combination of matte amber AB, opaque turquoise, and gold seed beads, however, so I decided to work on a the spiral rope until I came up with something.

Initially, the pendant and the rope were going to be one necklace, but as it came together, it seemed like overkill.

Taking a cue from Boadicea’s Shield Pendant, I made another pendant by working circular brick stitch around  a gold pearl. This one is named after another strong female ruler, Egyptian Pharoah Hatshepsut.

Hatshepsut’s Sheild Brick Stitch Pendant

After completing the pendant, I finished off the rope at 28 inches (opera length), and terminated the necklace in branch fringe and a cluster of gold pearls in three sizes.

Cool Blue Nile Spiral Rope Necklace

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  1. February 22, 2010 4:37 pm

    I love the pendant!

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